Saturday, August 18, 2012

Co2 Car Races

The Race Day Has Come!!!!

Well I couldn't wait for the race day for our Co2 Cars to come. I spent the last few hours before the race thinking about how I could further reduce the friction of the car. But At some point you just can't do much more.  Here is my completed car with post race dings on the nose:
So I suppose you would like to see some of the video?

I ended up finishing second in the race. The first place car was cut on my machine, but the design was a bit lighter. My car was 2.9 oz, the first place car was 2.3 oz, so it isn't surprising that it won the rare. I suppose next year I'll worry more about weight than the aerodynamics.

I'll post some more in a day or two when I have some more time.

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